About Red

Over the decades my love of all forms of art and the life-affirming narrative it provides to our time on Earth have remained steady, even if my own indulgences in creating have ebbed and flowed.

Through a dizzying variety of day jobs (including but not limited to chemical engineer, teacher, receptionist, content writer) my existential orientation helps me grapple with the idea that none of these experiences fit together neatly, and it’s all okay. I currently practice as a community mental health professional and appreciate the harmony between working in a wellness field and being a human seeking that very same thing.

I live in Northeast Minneapolis and am glad to be navigating the sometimes uncertain, usually surprising, and always fulfilling, path of life as an artist with a happy spirit and bright-eyed perspective. The inspiration for my paintings comes from being a fellow traveler in this remarkable world and my style ranges from impressionism to realism to “other”. I enjoy equally the challenge of trying new ideas on canvas and the meditative muscle memory of oft repeated subjects.

When I’m not working or painting, you’ll likely find me doting on my extroverted pup, Slugger, and my warmhearted partner, Eli. We all three like to check out nearby restaurants, go on runs and walks through our neighborhood, and generally *try* to be a force for good in the world.